Open your eyes

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard.


There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

Remember that.

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“ Fuck, my tea. ”

—    me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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I love you, but I’m mad at you is one of the most freeing, important things you can say in a stable relationship. Does that make sense? To know that you have the ability and the right to be mad at someone and know that it doesn’t mean things are over, that it doesn’t mean things are irreparable. That it just means I’m mad, but God, I love you. I love you. Now leave me alone.

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“ Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you. ”

—    Carl Jung (via zabij)

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bless them for letting baby girl keep her heritage

I peep them braids and that dress

I was just thinking this. She actually takes the children back to visit their family in their home country and they study about their own cultures. She isn’t one of those white people trying to assimilate her non-white children. 

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